Stay tuned for our next Common Good event, which will be scheduled for early 2020. The exact date and speakers will be announced soon!

Combating Climate Change

Climate change is disrupting economies in every country, posing a severe ongoing threat to everyday life. Effects from climate change, such as flooding and wildfires, have already cost some companies millions. The success and failure of companies — and our environment — depends on the proactive measures we take right now to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Join us for a discussion on how being a sustainable company is beneficial for both the environment and business, how climate change can be used as an opportunity for innovation, and what steps we can take to work toward a brighter future.


About the Common Good Breakfast Series

Common Good Breakfast SeriesThe Common Good Breakfast Series is a set of public networking events that revolve around a presentation or panel discussion on a given topic (much like a TED Talk). Events showcase innovative businesses and nonprofits that are taking uncommon actions to solve challenges and create opportunities.

In addition to offering intriguing presentations, the Common Good Breakfast Series contributes event proceeds to the nonprofit organization featured at each session.

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