SEO Helps Niche B2B Manufacturing Keep Rolling

Northfield Automation Systems

Man searching roll-to-roll on google in manufacturing set

Searching for the Right Searchers

Northfield Automation Systems, a global leader in creating process solutions for automated manufacturing needs, wanted to generate new leads by improving their search engine optimization for very specific keywords. Their expertise is in sensitive material handling for the manufacturing of items such as medical devices, flexible electronics and touch screen devices. To produce these types of products more efficiently, many manufacturers move from manual/panel-to-panel processing to automated, roll-to-roll processing.

How to Rank

To improve Northfield Automation Systems’ rankings for roll-to-roll related keywords we began by performing a competitor analysis, reviewing the pages that were currently outranking them. Based on our review of those sites, we made updates to their website including new pages about their roll-to-roll processing expertise, blog content, metadata updates and strategic use of keywords.

Computer screen displaying a Google search for 'roll-to-roll manufacturing' with optimized SEO results highlighted, indicating successful SEO optimization.

On a Roll

Less than six months after beginning our SEO efforts, Northfield Automation Systems rankings for roll-to-roll related keywords began to climb into the top 10. Search results often feature snippets of blog posts, including the company’s imagery of their technology. Northfield Automation Systems now ranks #1 for roll-to-roll handling and roll-to-roll processing equipment and ranks in the top 10 for seven other keywords. Performance for their Search Engine Marketing campaigns has also improved, and organic traffic from roll-to-roll related keywords has increased.


Northfield Automation Systems