Increasing Off-Season Tourism

City of Lanesboro

Chill-Inn Lanesboro

A tourism assessment showed that the city of Lanesboro, located in southeastern Minnesota, generated only 11% of its revenue during the winter season, with the bulk being made during the warmer months. Neuger partnered with the Lanesboro Area Chamber of Commerce to develop a winter tourism marketing plan to bolster off-peak engagement.

Wintering Well

Using the Chamber’s existing campaign, Chill-Inn Lanesboro, we developed audience-segmented messaging and a multi-channel marketing plan that aimed to both grow revenue for existing and new businesses and gain measurable results to convince existing businesses to stay open and build off-season revenue.

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We designed campaign creative that spoke to the region’s reputation as a key destination for trout angling, crafting and rest and relaxation.

Elevating the Experience

Our approach for elevating the experiential brand of winter in Lanesboro spanned the digital space. We leveraged targeted ads and SEO-enhanced landing pages, including travel itineraries, aimed at prospective tourists from the three-state area. 

Building an Off-Season Economy

The tourism marketing plan is working to activate new business via an off-season economy by equipping businesses with assets and messaging to be used in their marketing.


City of Lanesboro