From 2013–2023


Neuger has supported more than 150 organizations through sponsorships and donations.

Pro bono work


Neuger has provided pro bono support to more than 10 nonprofit organizations.

More than


Of pre-tax earnings are donated to charitable causes.

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Employee Giving & Volunteering

Neuger sponsors an employee gift matching program that matches dollar-for-dollar up to a $500 gift to any 501(c)(3) organization of each employee’s choosing. Neuger allows employees to invest up to five percent of their time (based on a 40-hour week) to volunteer for charitable causes that are important to them. Over the past five years, we estimate that virtually every employee across our small agency has been involved in volunteering, contributing to a cumulative total of more than 7,500 hours – including participation in nonprofit and government boards.

Supporting Nonprofits

One of our primary goals is to support nonprofit clients that have a commitment to improving the health, well-being and economic prosperity of our communities – with inclusiveness as a fundamental principle. When we choose an organization to contribute to and/or work with, we look for community-focused opportunities that are mutually beneficial and conducive to growth and engagement, and we offer them a reduced hourly rate. Past nonprofit beneficiaries have focused on education, environment, social services, community engagement and issues awareness.

Keystone Community Services

Keystone Community Services helps improve the quality of life of those in the Twin Cities community through food access and programming for youth, families and seniors.

Case Study: Making the Case for a New Food Shelf

Wilderness Inquiry

Wilderness Inquiry offers inclusive outdoor adventure trips – as well as local programs and resources – for individuals of all abilities to improve access to the outdoors for all.

Case Study: New Strategies for a New Normal

Clean River Partners

Clean River Partners is a Northfield-based organization working to protect local waterways, particularly the Cannon River Watershed, through conservation practices, inspiring events and networking opportunities.

Case Study: Clean Water, Clean Brand