Earning Bipartisan Support for Outdoor School

 Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center

Cell phone screen displaying a news article titled 'Minnesota Kids Love Outdoor Learning: Lawmakers Are Paying Attention,' highlighting growing interest in outdoor education among lawmakers in Minnesota

Creating Equitable Access to the Outdoors

Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center joined forces with Minnesota’s four other accredited Outdoor School providers to champion legislation that would establish a state-wide grant program to support immersive, multiday, accredited overnight outdoor education program experiences for students in grades 4 to 8 to ensure that all Minnesota students have a chance to benefit from outdoor education. Neuger developed and executed a PR plan with three key objectives:

1. Earn Bipartisan Support

We developed educational materials to inform lawmakers of the benefits of outdoor education.

Close-up image of quotes extracted from the 'Outdoor School for All' brochure, showcasing testimonials and insights about the program's impact and benefits.

2. Generate Public Awareness

Create greater awareness and understanding of what Outdoor School is and isn’t through media and stakeholder outreach.

Laptop screen displaying a news article titled 'Bill Pushes for Outdoor Education for All Minnesota Children,' highlighting legislative efforts to promote outdoor learning opportunities statewide.

3. Highlight Disparities

Bring attention to the access disparity gap and earn broad public support using storytelling to share the value and benefits of Outdoor School.

Outdoor School for All brochure

Broad Support Earned

Statewide earned media included heavy television coverage in the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Duluth markets, as well as local coverage throughout greater Minnesota. Multiple bills were introduced during the 2023 Legislative Session and received bipartisan support. The bill is expected to pass and be funded during the 2024 legislative session.


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