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Morningside University

Student browsing the Morningside website, exploring academic programs, campus resources, and university information.

Speak to the Students

We redesigned Morningside University’s public-facing website to attract and engage prospective students at multiple education levels. A comprehensive approach included a better mobile experience, increased storytelling capabilities and an intuitive flow, inspiring prospects to take action.

User Tested and Informed Design

To better understand people who would be using the website, we developed user personas, customer journeys and card-sorting activities. By learning about the needs and behaviors of the prospective students and their parents who will be using the website, we designed a more intuitive and effortless experience for them. User-informed elements included:


We profiled key user types, listing behaviors and goals they have on the website.

Morningside Student Persona

Customer Journey Maps

We explored what users are thinking, feeling and trying to accomplish at different phases of their interaction with the website.

Visual representation of a customer journey map, outlining the various touchpoints and interactions a user may have with the website, from initial engagement to conversion, used for website research and optimization.

Site Maps

We showed the page structure of the website with page names and parent, sibling and child relationships.

Graphic representation of a website's hierarchical structure, displaying pages, categories, and connections between them, providing an overview of the website's organization and navigation flow.

Card Sorting

We involved users and employees, sorting up to 60 cards into buckets. This helped to inform navigation planning by analyzing the results and using visualization tools to group items.

Image depicting a card sort activity for website organization, where cards labeled with various website elements are being sorted into categories, aiding in website navigation and structure design.

Tree Testing

We gave users scenarios to see if they could accomplish tasks by finding the correct pages in a navigation structure.

Tree Testing Example

User Interviews

We tested our assumptions to learn more about what the users need.

Website interview research, engaging with a participant to gather insights and feedback on the usability and functionality of the website

You all were a fabulous partner and I can’t thank you enough for helping us arrive with a product we are incredibly pleased with. The website launch went ridiculously smooth overall.

Erin Edlund

 Chief of Staff & Vice President for University Engagement


Morningside University