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Neuger CO.LAB Recap: Social Media #Insights

June 26, 2020

On June 24, 2020, Neuger hosted the third session of Neuger CO.LAB, focusing on social media. We were pleased to see 42 participants join us to learn more about developing a strong social media presence. In addition to having many new faces in our session, we have started to see a handful of regular attendees, and we hope that trend continues.

Session Three Hosts

Main Discussion Points

  • All content on social media platforms must complement each other. You don’t want to confuse the audience by showing them different things on different platforms.
  • Who you are and the industry you serve dictates your strategy and what platform you should choose (see demographics link below).
  • Having a social media account is a tremendous SEO boost for your company and helps drive traffic to your website.
  • It is crucial to put as much work into social media and posts as you want to get out of it.
  • It is okay to repost and repurpose content that you’re using on other channels, such as your website and printed materials.
    Hootsuite, Airtable, Later, and other resources that offer content distribution are helpful with efficient, mass posting, but don’t always work for smaller businesses.
  • Being cognizant of trending hashtags and tagging organizations can expand your reach. You can create specific hashtags that help direct users to your website or social channels, but using pre-existing popular hashtags is typically more effective.

Key Discussion Questions

Q: How often and how much should you post? How do you know when you’re posting too much?

It depends on the industry, but engagement rates speak volumes. Generally, posting a few times a week is a sufficient way to start to reach who you want. Don’t just post to post; be meaningful in your content and send the message to the user that your organization values their time and attention. Demonstrate authenticity with in-house images or graphics as opposed to stock photos.

Q: Is influencer marketing worth the investment? What is the ROI?

There is definitely a place for influencer marketing, especially when it’s B2C. However, it is important to research the influencer, what they stand for and how effective they are. Ask for conversion rates, click rates and analytics.

Q: Is there an appropriate balance between posting original content and reposting/sharing outside content?

There is no objective rule of posting outside links and articles, as long as the content aligns with your values and past posts. Ensure outside information you share is credible and aligns with your brand values.

Resources for social media marketing

In Summary

Thank you all for participating in this session and for allowing us to offer our knowledge on how to expand your network and successfully reach large audiences online. In the constantly changing world of social media, it is crucial to be aware of the trends and strategies that capture the user’s attention and interest. We appreciate you all for joining our space and sharing your experiences.