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Design Showcase

January 19, 2021

With every project we touch having different goals and needs, it’s especially exciting when projects allow our designers to take center stage and show off their artistic talents. We recently asked the design team to look back on 2020 and select a few of the pieces they are most proud of. Here are some of their favorites!

john beargrease design piece

John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Poster

It was an honor to illustrate and design the commemorative poster for the 36th annual John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. In addition to the poster being printed and sold at the event, we adapted the graphics across advertising platforms to create a graphic identity for the 2020 race. In the illustration, we wanted to capture the energy of the event while representing the shore of Lake Superior, where the race is run.

Ziegler CAT Children’s Coloring Page

Ziegler CAT wanted a fun and engaging coloring page for youngsters to enjoy. Representing the company’s entire range of industries in one cohesive illustration was an especially enjoyable challenge. From construction and power equipment in the foreground to forestry, mining and agriculture in the back, this line drawing turned out to be really fun and lively.

north star design piece

North Star Haidong Gumdo Logo

We really enjoyed the opportunity to design a logo for a client who was so passionate about her craft! Haidong Gumdo is a sword martial art that originates from Korea and is practiced in 180 different countries. We wanted the logo to clearly show the use of the sword and also incorporate the “North Star” into the design. After researching the techniques of Haidong Gumdo, we found a pose that worked well and brought all of the elements together in a balanced composition. The client was very excited to see how well it worked on everything from the website to water bottles.

keystone design piece

Keystone Community Services 2020 Report to the Community

For their 2020 Report to the Community, Keystone Community Services wanted to visually integrate their wide variety of services into a single scene as a way to emphasize their community-wide impact. This illustrated graphic spreads across three panels and is a continuous journey through the community, highlighting people’s stories and Keystone’s varied initiatives. In addition to this tri-fold piece being mailed to stakeholders, the illustrations and graphics were adapted into an online interactive experience on Keystone’s website.

ziegler pavers design piece

Ziegler CAT Commercial Pavers Mailer

This was a unique co-branded piece for our client, Ziegler CAT. They wanted to promote their commercial pavers from Weiler with a direct mailer and an offer for a gift with a scheduled consultation. Our team considered different concepts that allowed for the recipient of the mailer to interact with the piece. We thought it would be neat if the mailer could show the paving equipment actually “paving” as it was opened. We like how the window on the outside of the mailer acts like a strip of pavement trailing behind the machine when the insert card is pulled out. The finished piece turned out to be an intriguing mailer with a strong offer!


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