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Northfield Retirement Community Partners with Neuger on Smarter Hiring

September 13, 2018

Hiring and retaining the hundreds of workers serving seniors at Northfield Retirement Community (NRC) is a major undertaking. NRC recruits for a wide diversity of positions in an extremely tight hiring environment with a very small HR team.

Kyle NordineCEO Kyle Nordine at NRC asked the Neuger team, a long-time partner, for help streamlining and improving their hiring system. The goals were a mobile-friendly system, better data and faster turnaround times. Reducing the hiring manager’s workload was a plus, too. To achieve this we had two options, build a tool from scratch or work with an existing tool and adapt it to meet NRC’s needs. The utilization of an existing tool proved to be a better route in this case.

The online system we recommended is flexible. The cloud-based hiring tool includes customized job applications that vary by position and allows managers across the organization to view candidates. Together, we designed applications with minimal questions to get the most responses. The problem? Too many responses and not enough qualified applicants. With NRC’s feedback, we changed the application and the quality of applicants went up. Success!

The time savings for NRC has been significant. Communication is simplified for everyone who interacts with job applicants. Qualified candidates get interviews and responses more quickly. That’s key in a such a tight market.

Measurement is also better with the new system. Says CEO Nordine, “It’s important that we know which recruitment sources give us the most qualified candidates. This is a key performance area for us. The Neuger team has been there with us every step of the way on this; I know we’ll continue to improve.”

NRC and Neuger also team up on event recruitment, job fairs, SEM, and community-based awareness and brand building. Leah Rich, vice president and senior communications counselor and account lead of all the work with NRC, says, “We think Northfield Retirement Community is a great place to work. They really care about their residents and employees. That comes through in so many ways. We’ve been working with NRC for 10 years, so we’re really pleased we get to help them connect with the right employees. Everybody wins.”