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Improving Access to Health Care with a Client-Centered Website

November 8, 2018

Portico Healthnet serves low-income individuals and families who have significant barriers to accessing health care. The Neuger team partnered with Portico to launch a new mobile-friendly website that is easy to use for clients from all backgrounds. The new website also tells Portico’s story and creates an emotional response to an important issue: a lack of accessible, affordable health care and coverage for uninsured individuals and families.

Portico’s work is powerful. They have already helped 50,000 low-income, uninsured children, families and adults overcome barriers to quality health care coverage and services since their start in 1995. We were honored to collaborate and help empower them to tell their story more effectively in the digital space.

During the initial planning stages, the Neuger team completed a competitive analysis, interviewed key stakeholders and conducted an analytics review and content audit of Portico’s former site. From this, we developed user personas and a customized website plan with Portico to address how different individuals may flow through the site depending on their needs. Throughout the site, users are encouraged to take desired actions such as getting in contact, supporting Portico or signing up for Navigator training. It was critical that the new website meets the needs of a variety of audiences, including current and prospective donors, clients and those providing health care referrals.

For clients who need health care, a phone call is the primary call to action on the site to connect with a Health System Navigator. By using a mobile-first design, those who may not have computers can quickly access the site on a phone or tablet. We learned it’s important for clients who speak different languages to know that Portico is staffed with culturally competent, multilingual staff. Getting that fact across quickly is not always simple. Our solution was to incorporate the languages spoken by staff members next to the phone number at the top of the site.

We worked with Portico to achieve balance on the site with both easy-to-find information and clear calls to action for clients and also engaging content to show Portico’s advocacy efforts in action, its innovative training and other content important to funding partners.

The newly launched porticohealthnet.org welcomes users with a warm, easy-to-use interface that clearly outlines Portico Healthnet’s key services – MNSure enrollment assistance, Health System Navigation and Navigator training. “On our former site, it was difficult to explain Portico’s services and the variety of people we help,” says Michon True Smith, Portico Healthnet’s development and communications manager. “Now, our site is more dynamic and paints a complete picture of the innovative health care solutions Portico offers every day.”