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How Our Media Relations Team is Partnering With Clients During COVID-19

March 25, 2020

Lathrop GPM offers legal advice for navigating in different industries

Neuger can help businesses share their knowledge and expertise in the media, especially in times of crisis.

Neuger has helped Lathrop GPM – a law firm with 14 offices nationwide – share important information with hundreds of media outlets within the course of a few days. Within two weeks, they had more than 25 published articles, including some guest-authored pieces.

During these uncertain times, it is crucial for everyone to have accurate, up-to-date information. Attorneys at Lathrop GPM provide legal guidance on a variety of issues businesses and organizations are facing in the midst of COVID-19. We helped them develop media pitches and tapped into the appropriate media outlets to help share their knowledge and guidance. From insurance recovery to cybersecurity threats to guidance on how employers can handle employment issues, their attorneys are knowledgeable resources.

Several attorneys have recently spoken or written content for media outlets throughout the country, with one attorney being positioned as the “go-to expert” on CNBC for insurance-related issues pertaining to COVID-19.

Media coverage

Here is some of the media coverage we’ve helped garner for Lathrop GPM: