Jordan D. Taylor

Graphics Specialist

Jordan Taylor

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Jordan Taylor, a native of Hutchinson, Minn., joined the Neuger team after serving two years as a graphic artist for Whole Foods Market. Previously, he worked in design for a media group in Faribault, Minn. He earned his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth. Just out of college, he spent two years as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow volunteer working in Northfield, Minn., for the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative. (That’s where he got that Northfield bug!)

Jordan can handle pretty much any graphic design assignment thrown his way, including illustration, hand-lettering and print production on top of his strong print and digital design work. He spends his creative energies on a wide range of client work, from brand refreshes to advertising design to brochure and newsletter development for various industries.

Radio or iTunes? He definitely wants to pick the tunes himself. Jordan prefers the music app TIDAL.

Neuger Likes: A fan of salty over sweet, Jordan liked the Neuger taco potluck as a nice variation to the many Neuger meetings decorated with pastries. He’s looking forward to more events in downtown Northfield and Minneapolis throughout the year.

In his free time: Jordan loves spending time in the outdoors, especially fishing and camping. He also likes to pick up the guitar or bass guitar and gig with local bands in the Twin Cities who appreciate his rock sensibilities. If you see him out and about with a guitar slung around his neck, DO ask him to play you just about anything by Fleetwood Mac. And please, he asks, keep the requests to play Freebird for another band!

See What Our Values Mean to Jordan+


Integrity means being true to myself and true to the client by creating my best work every time. I strive to bring intentionality and purpose to every project, large and small.


You can hire anyone to complete a task. Nobody achieves excellence by just checking a box. We don’t just give clients what they want, we provide them with what they didn’t know they needed.


Success shouldn’t be measured only by huge victories or milestones. Success is enjoyed in smaller doses every day. It’s achieved by working toward goals with consistency, devotion and a commitment to quality.