Dan T. Stone

Web Specialist

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Dan (not to be confused with Daniel) joined the team in mid-2015. As a web specialist he assists with the development of custom websites, coding in a variety of languages. He enjoys the challenge of fitting all of the various project pieces together and learning different, more expansive strategies in application building. In addition to his technical skills, Dan’s boisterous laugh can be heard throughout the office, helping to alleviate stress and reminding us all to enjoy all of the twists and turns of a day’s work.

Dan holds an associate’s degree in programming from Hennepin Technical College and a bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in secondary education from Luther College. Although he’s the lone Luther alum in a sea of liberal arts graduates, he enjoys the camaraderie of the Neuger Communications Group team and is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

In his off time, Dan enjoys video games, movies and TV, disc golf and hanging out with his friends and family.

My iTunes library includes: The Beatles, Coheed and Cambria, The Streets, a lot of Alternative music, some more classic rock (like 90s), lots of electronic music, and then delves into such esoteric things as traditional Chinese flute music from the RenFest. It’s a vast array.

In my spare time, I like to: Watch Netflix, play a lot of video games, go to movies with my dad and hang with my friends playing tabletop games. I also try to read every night before I fall asleep. I read epic long series with complex universes. My current is a series that has extended for 32 books of which I am on 24, but catching up quickly!

Favorite office tradition: DJJD Food Roundup. I had the luck of having Northfield’s Defeat of Jesse James Days occur at the end of my first week. It was a great way to get to know everyone by going out and eating lots of food together and rating the food on the whiteboard to see what would be good to try the next day!

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Integrity is something that does not come easily. It requires a lot of effort sometimes to stand with integrity in a situation you know must be dealt with. Integrity also drives community and through community we achieve both excellence and success.


Excellence is the drive to make sure that what you’re doing is not just good, but delights everyone who sees or interacts with your end product. By striving for excellence we learn new procedures, create new communities with integrity and ensure success for all involved.


Success is a whole-life idea. To attain this success you should have integrity to do what is right and speak up about things that are not right or are not going to work, whether in real life or in a client in a meeting. In my life the most successful people are also some of the most humble people. Success is driven by excellence and tempered by integrity.