Daniel T. Edwins

Vice President & Digital Team Lead

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Daniel joined Neuger Communications Group in 2008. He is an experienced web designer and developer with a passion for creating functional and user-centered custom websites and mobile apps. He enjoys creating and employing websites and other technology-based solutions to help clients meet their goals. Daniel is a friendly guide for our web development clients, effortlessly translating tech-speak into language they can understand.

A graduate of St. Olaf College with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, Daniel also has considerable computer science and data management experience. He served for four years as a multimedia consultant to the Multimedia Development Center at St. Olaf, served as public relations director to the Student Government Association, and conducted computer science research in the area of stereo vision.

A native Northfielder who spent a semester studying mathematics in Budapest, Daniel is interested in combining math, computer science and art to form new media. Now living in Minneapolis, he enjoys traveling, photography, artisan pizza making, and playing banjo.

Favorite recipe: For the past two years, I’ve been on the quest to make the perfect pizza. I’ve made over 100 pizzas with friends, and while I haven’t found the perfect pizza, I’m getting pretty close!

Software of choice: I love supporting the independent software developers that create great software for the Mac. I use OmniOutliner Pro daily to organize thoughts and complex processes for my projects. I use Sublime Text for most of my development work and it is perhaps the best text editor ever made.

Favorite aspect of my job: The websites we work on are quite complex. I enjoy the challenge of working with clients to create the best website possible: one that provides users with the best and simplest experience possible in a way that is most efficient for various devices and Internet connections. It’s quite the balancing act, and I enjoy the challenge.

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Integrity is about being honest with yourself at all times. Warren Buffett has an interesting thought experiment: “I want employees to ask themselves whether they are willing to have any contemplated act appear the next day on the front page of their local paper – to be read by their spouses, children and friends – with reporting done by an informed and critical reporter.” In this day and age where anyone with a Facebook account can play the role of the informed and critical reporter, integrity is an especially important value in life.


Excellence is about making something wonderful for every end-user while accomplishing the client’s overall goals. For example, making a great website design is not the same as a great website. A great website is playfully informative, universally accessible and logically navigable. Excellence is about paying attention to the details while thinking about the overall picture. What we do for our clients is complex, but our job is to hide the complexity and make things that are easy to use and understand.


Success for us is making our client’s job easier. We, too, want to be successful, but we put our client’s success ahead of our own. We use data and analytics to help determine the success of our efforts for our client. If the data doesn’t match our goals, we can make adjustments to help our clients be successful. Success happens over time, so while others might think a project is done when it goes out the door, we establish relationships with our clients that allow us to see the success over time.

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