Case Study

Website Redesign for a Better NorthfieldWiFi Customer Experience

NorthfieldWiFi – based in Northfield, Minnesota – is a fixed wireless high-speed broadband internet service provider (ISP). To communicate their high-speed services and improve customer satisfaction, NorthfieldWiFi relied on Neuger to craft a new website and simplify navigation.

The Situation

NorthfieldWiFi is committed to providing local, reliable internet service no matter where people live across southern Minnesota and Wisconsin. However, their users and prospective customers were having a difficult time locating support resources for their internet needs. NorthfieldWiFi’s website content was very outdated and the user had to go through a maze to find simple solutions, such as signing up for the service or reaching support. In addition, the site had poor branding and a confusing message for where service was available and how to sign up for it.

The Challenge

The website and company, in general, needed a stronger branding direction. Additionally, many sections of the site contained material no longer relevant to the company. So, the Neuger team needed to sift through every page and shed the excess weight. Customers who had submitted forms to the HelpDesk option consistently received little to no feedback, due to an overly complex system. This meant we needed to determine how to provide a better customer experience.

NorthfieldWiFi’s services were also well-known in western Wisconsin and a portion of southern Minnesota, but the existing website didn’t properly communicate the locations where service was available. The challenge was to enhance the customer experience by simplifying the website and to make support, plans and availability more accessible to the user.

The Strategy

Our approach was to make the website as simple as possible for the user by trimming it down to only five pages. To do this, we completed a site audit and worked closely with the client to understand what content was most important for the customer. We then put together a website plan that outlined the reason for each page and the actions we wanted the user to take.

Content strategy was crucial to modernizing the website. When writing and organizing content, we thought carefully about how to represent NorthfieldWiFi to clarify what service the company provides. Understanding that most of their customers don’t have technical backgrounds, we wrote content that was simple and easy for the user to follow.

We took the opportunity to not only tell the user how NorthfieldWiFi works through words, but we also wanted to show them with visuals. Our team created animated graphics throughout the site that gave a visual representation as to how NorthfieldWiFi’s service works. These graphics show, via animated moving waves, that the internet is sent from the transmitters on the towers to the receivers on homes and businesses.

Lastly, to improve the user experience, we created a single contact form that prompts the user to select their type of request via a dropdown menu. This form accommodates new customers signing up, existing customers who need support and those who want to request service expansion into their area. We eliminated the old HelpDesk platform, so users no longer need to determine where to submit their questions; all users are now directed to simply fill out the contact form.

Overall, our strategy was to simplify the site and better align its branding to improve the customer experience and the brand identity.

The Results

Our partnership resulted in an easier-to-use and clearer online presence that better reflects NorthfieldWiFi’s professionalism. The client said they were very pleased with the content and visual changes, as well as the overhaul of the customer support system. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the new site was launched in July 2020. We look forward to sharing more positive results in the future.