Case Study

Website Development for Heavy Equipment Dealer Ziegler CAT

Ziegler CAT, a heavy equipment dealer with 22 locations in four states, was looking for a new website that would simplify the user experience for both current and prospective customers. Working closely with the team at Ziegler CAT, Neuger created a website to better serve a broad range of customers.

The Situation

Ziegler CAT had an outdated website, that not only had outward facing functionality issues, but was also difficult and costly to update with new content including pricing and offers. The marketing team at Ziegler was charged with launching a new website in less than nine months.

The Communications Challenge

Who are Ziegler CAT’s customers? That is a difficult question. Creating a website that would satisfy the needs of many different customers was the number one objective for the new website. In addition to that challenge, the site needed to be easy to navigate, and encourage users to take actions such as requesting a quote, scheduling service or contacting their nearest branch.

The Strategy

The process began with creating personas to represent the many different types of website users. From there, we completed an analytics review, content audit, content plan and navigation plan, and created wireframes to demonstrate special functionalities of the site.

The Results

The result was a custom, user-friendly WordPress website featuring integrations with internal and external databases to ensure the most up-to-date product information is available at all times. The current site has approximately 50 pages, compared to their previous site, which had more than 225 pages. As planned, content updates are now in the hands of the Ziegler team with a much easier process for making changes using WordPress.

Since its launch, the site has proven to be a worthwhile investment for Ziegler. Customers have been spending more time on the site and interacting with it at a higher rate than the old site, substantially reducing their bounce rate from 53.57% to 33.06%.

Not only has the new website been performing well for Ziegler, it has also been recognized for its sharp, user- friendly design. The site won three 2018 DotCOMM Awards, a platinum award in the homepage design category and two gold awards in the navigation design and business-to-business website categories. The DotCOMM Awards is an international competition honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication.