The Situation

The Senior Cooperative Foundation (SCF) is a nonprofit organization that supports development of, and best practices for, senior housing cooperatives. SCF and the Cooperative Living Committee, made up of representatives of several Twin Cities-area senior housing cooperatives, wanted to create appealing materials that cooperative boards, managers and developers could use to help convey the benefits of senior cooperative housing to a wider audience.

The Communications Challenge

As the baby boomer generation approaches retirement age, options for senior living abound. The range of options can be confusing, and many people are not familiar with senior cooperative housing or have misperceptions about this option. The challenge was to break through the clutter and misinformation, and clearly and simply present the facts about cooperative living for seniors.


Neuger Communications Group coordinated and moderated two focus groups of target audiences. Preferences, opinions and concerns expressed in these groups proved extremely valuable in shaping the content of the materials produced. These coordinated materials included a handsome eight-page brochure, a content-rich website and a 12-minute informational video available both online and on DVD. Our team developed a unified graphic identity for the materials, wrote the brochure and website content, designed and developed the website, coordinated photography and videography, and conducted the interviews that formed the narrative for the video.


The materials were introduced at the annual Senior Cooperative Housing Conference, to an enthusiastic reception by the cooperative managers, board members and developers in attendance. Within a few months the SCF had received orders for more than 2,300 brochures and some 350 DVDs. SCF board chair Dennis Johnson says, “There was an article on senior housing cooperatives in “USA Today.” We received a number of inquiries as a result, and directed them to Some people have visited the website while we’re on the phone with them, and when it comes up, you hear – ‘Wow!’”