Case Study

Personalized Website Design for InMotion Realty

InMotion Realty, a family-owned realty company based in Hastings, Minnesota, needed a website refresh after recognizing their current site was outdated and bloated with too much content. Neuger created a mobile-friendly, streamlined design that provides a modern twist on the website.

The Situation

Neuger developed InMotion Realty’s original website several years ago, which had, over time, become bloated with too much content and appeared outdated compared to competitors.

The Communications Challenge

We needed to ensure that InMotion Realty’s new website reflected a more modern feel but still respected the integrity of their brand.

Additionally, the number of pages on the site needed to be streamlined substantially, but it was important that none of the overall meaning was lost by cutting down the amount of content.

The Strategy

Though we were familiar with the site and the company’s objectives having worked together previously, this time we adopted a more individualized approach, focusing on personal connections and allowing a simplified experience to help users get in touch more quickly.

We began by auditing the old version of the website, revisiting and updating user personas, looking into user behavior and flow and wireframing a more contemporary design.

The Results features an easy-to-use property search function, vibrant imagery and multiple ways to get in touch. It now serves as an information hub for users seeking to learn more and personally connect with InMotion’s realtors as they look to buy or sell their home.

Our approach to this website’s design – putting personal connections at the forefront – met one of the company’s main business goals: to differentiate themselves from larger, more corporate realty sites.

Content strategy for this website emphasized cutting down the number of pages, reducing the amount of content on remaining pages and organizing content for both homebuyers and sellers. By ensuring content includes clear calls to action, users now have access to a more efficient navigation experience that guides them through the site to explore more.

The new website inspired the design for an accompanying realty brochure, ensuring cohesion and consistency in InMotion Realty’s cross-channel branding efforts.