Case Study

Organizational Rebrand for MN Community Measurement

MN Community Measurement (MNCM), which is leading the nation in its work to empower health care decision makers with meaningful data to drive improvement, needed a way to show its leadership, expertise and new identity. Neuger developed a new logo and messaging to reflect its vision, values and mission.

The Situation

In the first dozen years of its existence, MNCM maintained a low profile, and the board and executive leadership team expressed a desire to broaden the regional impact of the organization.

MNCM was experiencing a leadership transition and felt a need to clarify its direction and mission to help funders, members and the community at large better understand the organization’s purpose in advancing health care in Minnesota.

The Communications Challenge

MNCM wanted to refresh the look and energy of the organization through developing a new logo and messaging that could be consistently communicated through multiple channels, and to continue to share meaningful data about the quality of health care in Minnesota.

The Strategy

We brainstormed how MNCM’s branding and online presence could change to reflect its new identity. When deciding on the new logo, we took into consideration the organization’s impactful data and how it drives improvement over time. We¬†decided on a color palette that represents the multiple stakeholders the organization engages.

We also revised their mission to better reflect their identity and who they serve, and then used that to develop talking points for board members and senior staff. We helped them refocus their mission statement, identify commitments to the community and create messaging to share with their key audiences.

The Results

The new messaging and brand identity were implemented in the following communications:

  • Speeches and talking points
  • Website
  • Printed materials
  • Social media
  • Health care finding reports
  • Annual conference in 2019

The team at MNCM said it was well-received, and their brand still stands strong.