The Situation

Northfield Retirement Community (NRC) has been providing premier housing and care services for seniors since 1969. In recent years, it has sought to incorporate new methods of communicating with its key audiences, both as a means of strengthening the emotional bond with these audiences and as a way to differentiate itself from its competition.

The Communications Challenge

Neuger Communications Group was retained to help review the entirety of NRC’s communications program, propose a plan for maximizing the return on existing efforts, tighten and enhance the overall brand, and develop new, complementary programs that would extend NRC’s reach.


While evaluating and strengthening the various components of the NRC communications program – including website, advertising and publications – Neuger Communications Group developed and relaunched a complementary social media effort centered on a robust Facebook presence.


The enhanced NRC Facebook page is liked … a lot. The number of “likes” has increased fourfold since the start of the campaign, and user engagement is through the roof. The “reach,” the number of “people talking about this” and the percentage of “virality” are closely monitored for each post – as are respondent gender, age and location – ensuring that actionable data is being regularly collected and evaluated. As importantly, the most recent census shows the NRC facilities are completely full, with growing wait lists in some areas. From engaging with community members to prospective residents to employees, the social media effort gets a big thumbs up.