Case Study

Northfield Automation Systems Lead Development Campaign

Northfield Automation Systems, a global leader in automated manufacturing solutions, needed to communicate their value proposition to printed electronics engineers in
need of their services.

The Challenge

Northfield Automation Systems (NAS) needed to source leads for their sales process, which is a challenge in their B2B niche automated manufacturing market. Their internal capacity for outgoing communications is limited given their automation experts are engaged in daily projects. Their team needed support to build their organic website traffic, invest in paid traffic and optimize conversions on their website.

The Strategy

NAS partnered with Neuger to improve their chances of acquiring leads. First, we worked to enhance content on their website to improve their organic search traffic. We performed a search engine optimization competitive analysis, combined with other research, to identify focus keywords that would improve page content keyword density. We also developed a landing page optimized for conversions – one without a navigation to keep users on task, with basic information on NAS’ services, logos of their partners and a short lead form on the same page.

Once these pages were improved, we implemented a Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign. We chose this ad approach because SEM reaches users who are specifically researching a problem and thus are more likely to convert. SEM also has the added benefit of driving more qualified traffic to the site, and higher traffic pages often receive higher indexing in organic search results.

We continue to monitor the SEM results alongside SEO scores each month and make recommendations for
improvement. A few examples of recommendations include adding additional keywords to ad campaigns,
adjusting keyword matching for ads and improving keyword density on specific landing pages.

The Results

With a minimal ads investment and a long-tail keyword strategy, NAS was able to increase their annual traffic by 63%. This change did not have negative impacts on quality metrics including bounce rate and pages per session, indicating that the users who ended up on the site were relevant leads. NAS recently launched a YouTube campaign to increase awareness of their brand and plans to utilize retargeting efforts to further add to their lead generation sourcing.