Case Study

Multi-Channel Recruitment Strategy for Secure Base Counseling Center

Secure Base Counseling Center supports mental health and wellness in children, adolescents and adults. To achieve its aggressive growth plans, Secure Base engaged Neuger to develop a multi-channel recruitment strategy.

The Situation

Secure Base was growing to match the rising demand of mental health services. They recognized their marketing materials were outdated, and they also needed help with recruiting new employees to work across all three of their locations.

The Challenge

Since Secure Base is a smaller organization with a limited online presence, finding qualified employees was difficult. They needed to strategically market themselves to ensure they were attracting the right talent.

The Strategy

We brainstormed ways in how they could recruit from several different channels, and decided to make customizable packets they could send to career centers, job fairs and college campuses to attract new talent.

We created a new color palette and design elements to reflect the organization’s inspiring mission – to change the world one patient at a time.

Each version of the packet varied based on the qualification of the position, from entry-level to senior level. Packets – which were designed to be mailed or handed out at job fairs – contained a variety of materials, such as fact sheets, testimonial cards, job descriptions and a welcome card from leadership. The testimonial cards allowed prospective employees to learn first-hand from a current employee what it’s like to work at Secure Base and the associated benefits.

To top it off, we designed a multi-use standing banner and table cloth for job fairs so all materials matched their booth presence.


The marketing collateral materials we developed sported a graphic identity that reflects their mission, and their recruitment efforts increased drastically. The company’s Indeed and Glassdoor profiles now feature feedback from current and past employees.