Case Study

Membership Mailer Design for the Minnesota Dental Association

The Minnesota Dental Association (MDA) is a statewide professional membership organization representing more than 3,000 Minnesota-licensed dentists and dental students. The association was looking for a unique way to draw attention to the benefits of membership.

The Situation

The Minnesota Dental Association was looking for a unique message with unexpected visuals to capture the attention of potential new members.

The Communications Challenge

Communicating the value of membership to non-joiners has always been difficult for the MDA. Dentists are bombarded with sales pitches featuring dental industry jargon and stock photography of dentists and dental tools.

The Strategy

We brainstormed several concepts featuring non-dentist imagery. We proposed a unique mailer directing people to a landing page where dentists could take the first step to join the MDA.

The Results

Leveraging the popularity at the time of both goats (the animals) and the term GOAT (Greatest of All Time), we developed a fun and eye-catching mailer featuring some goofy goats. Playing off the GOAT concept, the contents of the mailer communicated how an MDA membership would help dentists become the greatest dentist of all time.