The Situation

A major insurance brokerage firm with international operations was concerned about how to introduce a new product in multiple countries and wanted to assess product interest and issues that prospects might have in advance of communicating with its brokers.


We conducted an eight-country interview survey of insurance purchasers to determine parameters for the introduction of the new product. We specifically assessed concerns by country and identified any potential conflicts of interest that there might be with other products already offered by the brokerage firm. Questionnaires were written and translators found to conduct interviews in Portuguese for Brazil. Other interviews were conducted by our team in Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, Germany, Norway, Canada, Mexico and the U.S.


The interviews revealed wide differences in reception to the product by country and tied the differences to various levels of concern over worker safety. The data determined that anticipated conflicts with other products already in use were negligible, thus allowing the company to proceed to the next step in its market introduction.