The Situation

Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates, Inc. (KOMA), an architecture, interior design and structural engineering firm, needed a way to keep front-of-mind with clients, business partners, referral sources and industry thought leaders. They wanted a friendly e-newsletter that would not only display their broad range of capabilities and successful projects, but would also showcase their playful personality, their values and their people.

The Communications Challenge

Getting and holding busy readers’ attention in an era when inboxes are jam-packed is a huge challenge. From a technical standpoint, another challenge was to build an email template that would provide strong visual consistency but would also allow a high degree of customization and varying features in each issue.


KOMAink was designed as a periodic e-newsletter that follows an editorial calendar of themes established each year. For each issue, the header image and other features (from articles to games to video snippets) are customized to fit the theme, from seasonal themes to industry sectors to the (Woof!) animal issue. Each issue is carefully and strategically planned, constructed and written to engage the audience in a fun and playful manner, to extend KOMA’s brand messages of quality, customer service and attention to detail, and to encourage readers to click through to the website for additional content.


For more than five years now, KOMAink has continued to evolve as a visually compelling, popular and successful e-newsletter, serving as the firm’s key vehicle for extending and reinforcing its brand, and facilitating many sales and resell conversations. With open rates and click-through rates alike averaging an enviable 28–35% – and exceeding 50% for their tremendously popular annual “the making of the Christmas card” video issue – the enduring appeal of this e-communications vehicle is clear.