Case Study

Keystone Community Services

In order to better appeal to their target audience Keystone Community Services hired Neuger to refresh their website.

The Challenge

Keystone Community Services needed to redesign to better match the needs of their main audiences: those needing their services, community partners and network of volunteers. The organization had undergone a merger in recent years, and needed more alignment on messaging and the look and feel of their materials.

The Strategy

Our team began by working with Keystone to identify candidates for user interviews from each type of audience. With this data, we created user profiles called personas. Reviewing this document along with analytics of the current website with a group of internal stakeholders, we were able to make recommendations on navigation needs moving forward. We teamed up with a project coordinator from Keystone and helped manage the content writing process: we provided guidelines on consistency of messaging and voice, and she distributed writing work to her team. All content was reviewed by her and the Neuger team to achieve consistency.

The Results

In the year following the relaunch of the site, organic search traffic grew by nearly 9%, mobile usage of the site increased by nearly 20% and there was a 10% increase in user sessions. Overall, more users accessed the website and were able to find the content they were looking for.