The Situation

Illinois College is a small residential liberal arts college located in Jacksonville, Illinois. They asked Neuger Communications Group to build them a fresh, user-friendly online application system that the college would own outright, rather than paying an annual fee from a vendor to use. Illinois College also sought a more efficient way of importing student records into their database.

The Communications Challenge

Applying to college can be a complicated and time-consuming task; without a user-friendly system, the process can discourage potential applicants. The goal was to spark interest and raise completed application rates by creating a new, interactive and easy-to-follow application process.


Taking into account the vast amounts of information needed for the application process, Neuger Communications Group’s objective was to eliminate barriers for potential applications – prepopulating student records and creating an efficient and easy-to-follow customized application. Data transmission in both directions between the application system and the college’s enrollment databases was streamlined to keep all records as current as possible. Our team also designed and implemented an email sequence to attract potential applicants to the easy application process, and also to follow up with those who had begun but not completed an application.


The new and improved online application and the associated email sequence enhanced Illinois College’s online application experience. Their revamped online presence has attracted more than 3,300 applicants over the past two years and has had a positive impact on their enrollment efforts. Enhanced data management will allow Illinois College to interact with applicants more successfully and result in more enrolled students.