The Situation

Ziegler CAT, a major Midwestern dealer of Caterpillar® equipment, asked Neuger Communications Group to help develop a name, a logo and promotional materials for a pilot “rewards” discount program to increase sales of specific products, as well as service business. The pilot program was to be tested on a selected group of customers who had purchased certain machinery.

The Communications Challenge

The look of the campaign needed to remain in the spirit of established Cat® and Ziegler graphic elements, while being distinctive enough to capture the target customers’ attention as an intriguing new program. Outreach methods were limited to direct mail and personal sales contacts, since the program was not broadly available to all customers.


Through a series of brainstorming sessions, the Dirt Perks name was selected for the program. The Neuger Communications Group design team created a high-impact logo and look for the campaign, built around dirt themes, distressed elements and muddy boot prints, while maintaining the familiar “Cat yellow” foundation of Ziegler’s other materials. Customers received an initial mailing with a membership card that they could begin using immediately. Follow-up postcards reminded members of their discount and rebate opportunities, and an end-of-year customized postcard notified them of their rebate amount.


Ziegler CAT was pleased with the campaign and reported that the effort resulted in a 22% increase in parts customers, and for one of the targeted commodities, a 28% increase in sales volume, compared to the same period of time the previous year.

Steven Hitchcock, director of marketing for Ziegler CAT, says, “Neuger Communications Group’s professionalism is of the highest standard, and the quality of their services is outstanding. We are fortunate to have them as a partner.”