The Situation

Ziegler Ag Equipment, a major Midwestern dealer of agricultural equipment, needed a new advertising campaign for the AGCO Challenger tractor line, for which Ziegler is the largest dealer in North America.

The Communications Challenge

Challenger is a high-end tractor line, with numerous points of competitive advantage in the marketplace, but does not have a dominant market share. Ziegler Ag was looking for a creative, high-impact ad campaign, customized to Ziegler’s established visual identity, to attract new attention to the Challenger brand and get the conversation started with potential customers.


To highlight Challenger’s ease of operation, comfort and wide range of view from inside the cab, Neuger Communications Group envisioned the view from the operator’s seat in unexpected and visually compelling locations: outer space, under water, at a tropical beach and in the clouds. The accompanying copy underscored the cab’s comfort and features in each fanciful setting. “Mission Control: Take command from the captain’s chair,” reads the outer space-themed-ad, while the beach ad asks, “Is this farming or vacation?”


The ads were noticed, and Ziegler Ag received many positive comments about them. “Successful Farming” magazine used the beach ad in a reader test (“Do you remember this ad?”) and 82% of respondents remembered seeing the ad.