The Situation

Butler University is a liberal arts and sciences university located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The university had in place sophisticated and well-coordinated admissions practices, but – in an effort to become more efficient, streamlined and data-driven – was seeking assistance with its student search strategy and execution.

The Communications Challenge

In addition to examining its student search process, the university was also in the midst of installing a new admissions contact management system, a massive undertaking. Reimagining the search process from a creative angle while navigating the complexities of data handling between the old and new systems presented myriad challenges.


Led by in-depth data analysis to set a baseline for past performance and identify areas of opportunity, Neuger Communications Group developed a creative, efficient, highly tailored multi-touch sequence for the search process. The approach involved multiple communications channels and integrated closely with ongoing data handling to enable the appropriate release of the next communications item, as well as to make possible accurate, timely reporting.


Employing a quality-over-quantity model, Neuger Communications Group significantly improved the student search response rate to 17%, well above national averages. Additionally, the data-liaison role we created allowed better data handling, more immediate insight into search efficacy and – ultimately – a smoother transition to the new contact management system.