Case Study

Branding and Content Strategy for Local Foods Collaborative

A new local foods collaborative in southern Minnesota sought support in developing an organizational brand that spoke to the region’s local foods scene. The regional goals of several different entities – from the city to a retail farm to a cheese producer – needed to be echoed in the brand.

The Situation

Leaders in the Cannon Falls community, located in Goodhue County, came together to develop a local foods initiative. The innovative group needed a visual brand and foundational messaging to build the presence and guide their future.

The Challenge

A collection of local foods entities in the region asked Neuger to help develop a collaborative brand to not only bring all of the organizations together but to also draw visitors to the area. Their focus was to increase tourism and awareness of the local foods scene.

The Strategy

The Neuger team met with local foods leaders several times, gathering information about what success would look like; performing a mini SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis; and discussing goals and audiences. All of these activities informed the brand we later developed. We created:

  • Key messaging, including a tagline and brand promises
  • Mission, vision and value statements
  • An organization name
  • Logo options

The Results

Cannon Falls local foods leaders chose to move forward with Cannon Roots as an organizational brand name, with Nourish. Sustain. Grow. as an operative tagline. The final brand was based on value statements surrounding notions of collaboration, sustainability and courage. A modern, inclusive logo reflects growth and grounding, playing on the connectivity aspect of local foods and the idea of many pieces coming together as one.