Case Study

Brand Awareness Video Production for Community Betterment Nonprofit

Northfield Shares – an organization that strives to advance philanthropy, inspire volunteerism and promote collaborative leadership – wanted to increase their brand awareness. They enlisted the help of Neuger to develop video content to bring attention to their relatively new organization and inspire audiences to take action.

The Situation

Northfield Shares was a newly formed nonprofit after the Northfield Area Foundation and 5th Bridge merged. This project had two main goals: the first was to clarify what Northfield Shares does and the second was to help them grow their endowment. We worked with their executive board to create a fun video to increase awareness of these core functions while encouraging donors and volunteers to get involved.

The Challenge

We needed to come up with a way to share all of the services and offerings Northfield Shares had, and in a way that was easy to digest and access.

The Strategy

We created a video that features all of the components of the organization’s mission:

  • Operate a community endowment that awards grants to nonprofits that support the community
  • Serve as a hub for volunteerism
  • Promote collaborative leadership among area nonprofits

We worked alongside the board to develop a script and create storyboard concepts. Using these tools, the video team created custom graphics and animations to tell the Northfield Shares story in an engaging and understandable way.

The Results

The board was delighted with the video, which has helped to increase awareness of the organization. The video is featured on their website and social channels, and it is referenced for when new community members and donors want to learn more about their organization.