The Situation

Bolton & Menk, Inc., a large civil, environmental and transportation engineering firm, asked Neuger Communications Group to help plan and write several industry award competition entries.

The Communications Challenge

An industry award submission needs to synthesize a complicated project and present a concise synopsis that addresses the specific objectives and components of the competition. Our team needed both to understand the award criteria and to learn enough about these highly technical projects from engineers to explain the projects in language accessible to a general audience.


Having learned the criteria for these awards, Neuger Communications Group planned and conducted interviews with the client’s project managers and others to elicit both general background and answers to key questions about the projects. We wove these into a compelling, well-written narrative that highlighted the unique and challenging features of the projects and explained how these met each of the criteria for the awards.


Award winners? Check. Category finalists? Check. Our work has consistently positioned Bolton & Menk as the premier engineering service provider in the industry, with the awards to prove it.