Measuring Success

By Leah Rich on November 7, 2014

I enjoy a deep dive into analytics as much as anyone. It can be overwhelming at first, but it’s amazing just how much information you can draw from the reports. From Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to email campaign data, we’re able to accurately understand who’s reading messages, which devices they’re using, what they’re clicking, and which pictures, subject lines and content pieces are resulting in the greatest traction.

It’s true – our world is more connected today than ever before. And with marketing budgets increasingly stretched across multiple mediums, the ROI attraction of digital communications is undeniable. But there’s also a growing trend of people intentionally unplugging and spending intentional time away from technology. All the while, email messages are piling up and Facebook newsfeeds are multiplying in length, with no assurance whatsoever that the messages will ever be seen.

Electronic communications provide instant gratification and are an effective method of sharing your story, but they shouldn’t be the only tactics implemented to reach key audiences. Meaningful communications are formed in expertly designed brochures, moving print advertisements, well-written newsletter articles, beautifully executed television commercials, clever billboards and memorable radio jingles. The truth is, an integrated strategy has been the key to successful communications for generations and continues to provide great value to our clients far and wide, so long as each tactic is measured on its own scale.

About Leah

Let’s come right out with it: Leah does it all. She’s a team leader, overseeing creative work for a variety of clients. She is adept at planning advertising, media and overall communications campaigns that are tailored to client goals. She’s also a skilled writer, a keen-eyed proofreader and editor, and a creative and organized event planner. In addition to her work with clients, Leah is charged with overseeing the firm’s internal project management system – essential software for managing the increased workflow that has come as a result of the firm’s rapid growth. Learn More About Leah »

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