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Geeking Out Over Emails

By Wendy Placko on October 13, 2014

When one works in the technology field, it is of the utmost importance to embrace one’s geekiness. That’s why I can openly admit that I’ve been geeking out over emails lately.

A/B Email TestingEmail is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. At Neuger Communications Group, we send out many, many HTML emails on behalf of our clients. This is a fancy-schmancy message that utilizes calls-to-action, good formatting and photos to grab readers’ attention.

If the above has you all fired up to log in to your Gmail account and start sending emails to large groups, hold your horses! No, seriously, hold onto them, and give us a call.

HTML emails are super-cool, but they are also a bit tricky to send out to large groups of people. They need to be coded in such a way that they look great on every email client, from your iPhone to Outlook 2007. Then, a list of who receives the message needs to be developed within the constraints of federal laws. Even then, there are no guarantees; spam filters are feisty and can turn on you even though you are sending excellent, legitimate content!

It’s easy to get bogged down in the logistics of producing an HTML email, but it can be fun. Tracking emails is like watching a race! I quickly find myself sitting on the edge of my seat when two A/B test emails are competing for the best results. Email A has the lead, but email B has come up on A’s flank. They are neck-and-neck. Then the underdog I was rooting for, email B, pulls out all the stops at the last second and wins!

Okay, okay, I know, geeking out here … but it’s a win for all parties involved. Our clients get the highest open rates for their messages. We get the satisfaction of doing the job we love and helping our clients succeed.

So if you haven’t worked with us on email marketing before, let us bring our geeky excitement to the table to help your business – you won’t regret it!

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