Hope Springs Eternal

By Dave Neuger on March 18, 2013

I love this time of year, but it’s not for the reasons you might think. Sure, the NCAA and CBS have marketed the heck out of March Madness to make it the most exciting three weeks in college basketball. Of course, there’s also the Final Five and Frozen Four coming up and in the State of Hockey that’s a big deal. Then you have state tournaments and the requisite snow storms that come with them (again, a big deal in Minnesota). And, certainly I can’t leave out my favorite religious holiday of the year – Easter.

But my giddiness for March/April goes well beyond the events surrounding these iconic celebrations. The root of my glee is certainly found in each of these events, but it transcends the events. It all comes down to hope. Hope is the brand of March Madness … of hockey championships … of state tournaments … and, most importantly, Easter. Hope is the brand of spring.

To successfully run a business requires more than a little bit of hope and optimism. It requires a whole boatload of it … especially during our nation’s recent economic woes. Don’t look now, but we have great reason to hold onto hope. Sure, we still have a government that hasn’t learned compromise. Obviously, things can always be better. But life is good. God is good. And here’s hoping that spring 2013 brings you great joy and hope … and an NCAA bracket filled with winners and upsets. Enjoy!

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