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By Daniel Edwins on November 13, 2012

If you are paying for a website, you would expect it to be designed for real people, right? It’s surprising how many websites are designed with the best intentions but don’t work well for actual users.

This is even true outside of web design! Let me give you a real-world example: the Millennium Bridge, a walking bridge over the Thames in London. After the bridge opened, people started noticing sideways oscillations on the bridge. It turns out the engineers forgot to account for people actually walking on the bridge, so the engineers had to retrofit the bridge to make it walkable. Likewise, web designers and their clients sometimes forget that users actually use websites. When this happens, hopefully the website doesn’t need to be retrofitted at your expense!

London Footbridge

There are many stakeholders who voice opinions about what a website should look like or how it should function. Unfortunately, actual users are not usually in these conversations, and their voices are left out. At Neuger Communications Group, we do something different. We practice user-centered design, where we engage actual users in our design and development process and use industry best practices to create great user experiences.

User-centered Design

We have quite a few tricks to involve users in our process. It begins by researching, identifying and interviewing target audiences for the website. Then we develop personas to bring the users to life in conversation throughout the development process. Depending on the specific needs of the website, we engage in a plethora of other tricks from card sorting to user testing to ensure that the site is as user-friendly as possible.

Finally, we look at accessibility to make sure people can use your website on a variety of devices regardless of ability or disability. Mobile? Yep. Responsive design? Sure. Color contrast and color blindness tests? Of course. Friendly to blind and hard of seeing users? Definitely.

Color Blind Tests

These are just a few of the tricks up our sleeves. Like true magicians, we won’t reveal all of our secrets, but these techniques allow us to design and develop better user-centered websites for you.

If you are interested in a website for your business or organization that is designed for actual people, contact us today!

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Daniel joined Neuger Communications Group in 2008. He is an experienced web designer and developer with a passion for creating functional and user-centered custom websites and mobile apps. He enjoys creating and employing websites and other technology-based solutions to help clients meet their goals. Daniel is a friendly guide for our web development clients, effortlessly translating tech-speak into language they can understand. Learn More About Daniel »

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