Building Relationships One Birthday at a Time

By Betsey Garvey on October 31, 2012

I recently celebrated my birthday, and the excitement has yet to wear off. In fact, it had been building up for the past several weeks. I know what you’re thinking … why would anyone get excited about turning 29? Because for me, birthdays aren’t about the age – they’re all about feeling special. A whole 24 hours of celebrating, having fun and eating as much cake as you want.

Just this year, we started a new tradition in our office. It’s called Birthday Club. I liked the idea of my colleagues feeling important on their birthdays, too, so I suggested we each bring a special treat for an assigned colleague. (If you’re curious – I was in charge of bringing for Rick, who likes confetti angel food cake.) Here’s how it works: On the day of a birthday, we all take an hour out of our day to eat, celebrate and chat about non-work-related topics. After 10 months, we’re still going strong and ready to continue the tradition in 2013.

While sweet treats are always a bonus, Birthday Club is more about the connection. Relationships are important to us here. Not only do we know one another well, we strive to know our clients well, too. We understand that as relationships grow, partnerships are formed, and by working together we’re able to produce better results. Better results equal delighted clients.

We’d like to get to know you better, too, so give us a call or drop us a note. We’ll be excited to get started on your next project.

About Betsey

Betsey came to Neuger Communications Group as a graphics intern in the fall of 2006 and officially joined the team in 2007. She applies her outstanding design skills to a variety of design, web, and e-communications endeavors, frequently acts as a liaison with printers and other vendors, and helps with photography, event planning and other projects. Increasingly she spends time working directly with clients as she gets more involved in project planning, design leadership and project management. Learn More About Betsey »

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