A Picture is Worth…

By Daniel Edwins on September 10, 2012

Let’s talk about words for a moment.

Now, I’m a writer by trade. I like words. I’m really good with a keyboard (wanna compare WPM?). I write haikus for fun. But I’m here today to advocate for the use of fewer – yes, fewer – words.

I recently put together a quick set of guidelines for a client’s social media strategy. I’ll spare you all the details, but at its core was a broad reminder to show, don’t tell. From Facebook to Google+ to (the obvious ones) Pinterest and Instagram, social media users want imagery, not words. (Heck, Twitter forces you to keep it short.) So get creative. Keep the “face” in Facebook. Think videos, illustrations and pictures. But go light on the words.

This concept has a broader application. As a writer, it’s tempting to fill every brochure, website, print ad, flyer and direct mailer with words, glorious words! But the fact is that – no matter how engagingly I might write – what attracts attention and gets results is striking imagery. Create a feeling, set a mood, convey an emotion … but do it with fewer words, not more.

Of course some audiences demand more details or specifics than others. But save the thick, wordy content for a deeper review; don’t force it to the surface. Set the hook today and deliver the dense details once you’ve hauled your audience into the boat.

What they say is true: a picture is truly worth 990 words. (Think I’m going to admit that a picture is worth 1,000 words? Wrong. I’m a writer, remember?)

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