Let Me Share a Moving Experience

By Dave Neuger on October 17, 2011

Neuger Communications Group just moved its World Headquarters from 411 South Water Street in beautiful Northfield, Minnesota, to 25 Bridge Square in the heart of the community internationally recognized for the defeat of Jesse James (yes, Northfield … Google it). It was a great reminder of why we should all move periodically – either physically, emotionally or spiritually – to keep our lives interesting and fresh. Here are my top three reasons why a moving experience is a moving experience:

  1. It’s a great reason to throw stuff out … stuff you haven’t seen, let alone used, in the past five to fifty years. Chances are if you haven’t missed it for the last five years, you taint going to miss it in the next 55 years either. It’s a cleansing experience.
  2. Friends and neighbors (this includes co-workers!) are wonderfully kind and gracious … and you are reminded of this with each smile and nod, each “office warming” gift, each question of curiosity about settling in to the new space. By the way, if you sent a plant or some food or a gong (yes, a gong … ask us about it), thank you for your thoughtfulness. It’s a heartwarming experience.
  3. New surroundings bring new energy and a fresh perspective. One of the many reasons I like living in Minnesota is because you get to experience the theater of all seasons. Each season brings its own energy … its own hope … its own perspective. A move to new offices brings with it a new season of wonder and energy. It’s an awe-inspiring experience.

Thanks for reading. It’s your move.

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