The Savvy Socialite

By Daniel Edwins on April 8, 2010

Facebook is at it again.

Some of you may know that our friends at Facebook recently announced yet another change to their insanely popular social networking site. This change will supposedly be made, as with other Facebook tweaks, at some mysterious point in the future. And while this particular tweak seems relatively minor – adjusting the terminology from “Become a Fan” to simply “Like” on brand pages – it underscores the rapidly and constantly changing landscape of social media sites.

(If your company does have a Facebook presence, don’t lose too much sleep over this one. While some Facebook changes seem designed specifically to annoy users, this one really isn’t all that bad.)

For the savviest of communicators, using social media sites – from those with household names like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to tools like Ning, Orkut and Google Buzz – are a piece of a larger, well-coordinated and strategic marketing and communications effort. For others, it’s a stand-alone effort or – worse – something done because “everyone else is doing it, and it’s free.”

Here’s the thing: using social media tools effectively takes more than just sending out the occasional Tweet or posting the offhanded video. And deciding whether or not to get involved in the social media world should be more than just a two-minute discussion.

From evolving tools to shifting policies to complex interaction with traditional PR and marketing vehicles, the social media world isn’t for the meek. Enter with caution, and enter with a plan.

(You’ll notice that we here at Neuger Communications Group have yet to set up a company Facebook page or Twitter account. Why? Give us a call to find out.)

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