Suzy P. Taggart

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Suzy Taggart

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Suzy Taggart, a Northfield native, joined the Neuger team after running and operating her own Northfield-based retail shop for nearly a decade. It was through her work within her own business that she honed her exceptional skills in content creation.

With a passion for writing and all things visual, Suzy works with our clients to elevate their unique brands and identities. There is nothing that makes Suzy happier at work than being able to fix a typo, catch a spelling error or change a comma to a period. A self-described word nerd, she is happy to help ensure our clients receive nothing but the best from our team. Suzy’s creativity and attention to detail serve as valuable assets to our company and our clients. Suzy is a graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato where she received her bachelor’s degree of science in education with a concentration in English.

Favorite morning beverage: Iced tea. Year round. Even in January – in Minnesota.

In her spare time: Outside of work, Suzy keeps busy with her family. She and her husband, Steve, have two young children, Edie and Ozzie. Between work, loads of laundry and activities, there is little time for relaxing to be had. When Suzy does find a spare moment to herself, she enjoys traveling, playing golf and sitting down with a good old-fashioned print magazine – preferably one featuring modern design.

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Integrity means bringing truth and authenticity to everything I do. It means openness and honesty, even when it’s difficult. Integrity means holding myself to the highest of standards, standing up for what I believe in, and having the willingness to grow as a person.


To me, excellence is a mindset. It is filled with the motivation and determination to continuously evolve. Excellence sits steadily on the horizon; there will always be more to learn in life. Fortunately, I love being a student.


It’s the small daily victories that define success for me. Have I made steps toward a goal I have set? Have I done my job to the best of my ability? Have I learned something new today? As a mom – did we get out the door without any tears this morning? Life’s too short to only recognize the grand triumphs; I’ll take my little wins and celebrate big.