Kenny G. Suh

Web Specialist

Kenny Suh

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Kenny Suh is the newest member of the digital team bringing professional and life experiences from the Pacific Northwest. Kenny was most recently a localization engineer for a firm in Corvallis, Oregon, where he re-engineered websites to improve localization and developed other new projects with his team there. He has also been a web developer for an academic nonprofit where he developed an online registration and payment system.

With the move to the Northfield office, Kenny returns to his roots at his alma mater, Carleton College, where he excelled in computer science and worked with the campus technology team as a troubleshooter for faculty, staff and other students at the IT help desk. His volunteer opportunities and internships have taken him from Iowa to the Hallym International School in South Korea.

Kenny is mostly proficient in Spanish, he says, but admits to fluency in English, Korean, JavaScript, Python, C, C#, Java and HTML. We suspect there may be other languages native to the digital species he is picking up as we write. Born and raised in Des Moines, he speaks Iowan as well. Kenny also knows his way around Photoshop and Corel PaintShop – so there’s that right brain, left brain synergy going on.

In his spare time:
Don’t worry – Kenny isn’t all screen time and no play: he knows his way around a dance floor with skills in ballroom, Latin and swing dancing. Recently, though, he’s been doing moves with his toy Australian Shepherd puppy, Toshley.

iTunes or radio: A throwback, Kenny prefers radio to acquiring new music.

His Neuger likes: Kenny enjoys the lunch time team trivia quiz, something he hasn’t tried since high school.

See What Our Values Mean to Kenny+


Integrity is all about honesty and self-improvement. You have to be able to praise your accomplishments and be critical of your mistakes – and not just stop at being critical, but take it even further to learn from those mistakes and better yourself as an employee and as a person as well.


One word: quality. Quality of the work that is presented, quality of the process used in that work, quality of the communication between the client and us, quality of the learning throughout the project. With high quality in all aspects of our work, excellence is achieved.


I believe that success not only is about achieving an end goal, but also the entire journey that led to that goal. Every small step taken to achieve that goal contributes to success.