Wendy S. Placko

New Business Development & Digital Project Lead

Wendy Placko

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Wendy brings a variety of talents to the table at Neuger Communications Group. She is a skilled coder, designer, planner, organizer and video producer – skills that she uses to help clients tell their stories. Wendy is passionate about connecting different media together to create the best possible work for clients. Her interests in strategy and data, paired with her eye for design, make her a valuable asset to our digital team, and when she contributes to office brainstorming sessions her ideas are creative and boundary-pushing.

Wendy approaches digital projects with a strategic mindset – driven to sort and visually present information in a way that ensures that the user will find what he or she is looking for and come away with a better understanding of the topic at hand. She also holds a firm belief that effective projects integrate many parts to provide a powerful, interactive experience – an approach that matches that of the entire team at Neuger Communications Group.

Wendy is a graduate of St. Olaf College, in Northfield, Minnesota, with a degree in German and interdisciplinary fine arts with an emphasis in visual arts. She enjoyed connecting different areas of study just as she enjoys connecting different media now. Prior to joining Neuger Communications Group, she worked for the TRiO programs – federally funded educational services for disadvantaged students.

Wendy lives in Northfield with her husband, Kevin, and their companion rabbit. The three of them have a mutual respect for good cilantro. She also finds time to take in films, play bassoon with the Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra, participate in community theatre (where she’s co-starred with colleague Elin Odegaard), try out new vegan recipes, and serve as an executive board member for the Northfield Arts Guild.

I’m on the hunt for: Animal friends. Whenever I am at a party, I usually get shy, but if a cat wanders by, I’ve found a new best friend.

I cheer for: Nonprofits and organizations like Girls Who Code, which focus on educating young women about careers in technology.

Favorite office tradition: The ice cream dance party, which is a sporadic afternoon tradition. Sometimes it becomes clear that everyone could use a treat, so we either go to Hogan Brothers to get ice cream, or bring in another type of snack. Long ago, I decided to dub these occasions “ice cream dance parties,” which, as fate would have it, rarely feature dancing, and sometimes don’t even involve ice cream.

See What Our Values Mean to Wendy+


Integrity lies in keeping honesty at the forefront of my daily interactions.

For clients, this means that I will always be honest about my capabilities, give honest opinions about how to get the best results, and be open and honest about how to deal with issues that arise.

For my colleagues, it means that I will do my part to honestly convey my point of view to make sure the perspectives of the team remain balanced.

Finally, I will stay honest with myself and never have to wonder if I gave my best efforts to get a job done.


I find excellence in consistency. Neuger Communications Group has consistent systems in place to make sure that each of our web, print, marketing and analysis products is completed at the same level of expertise. We meticulously follow the steps we have perfected, and take the time to make a change when the system is no longer perfect.


When I was young, I used to think of success in your job in simple terms: One who succeeds in his or her field becomes rich and famous. As I have gotten older, my ideals of success have shifted. Though not all of us can be rich and famous, we can all take pride in doing work that makes use of our talents and makes clients happy.

In this way, I believe I have achieved success and continue to succeed daily with Neuger Communications Group. I may not be stopped by paparazzi when I go out, but when my boss asks, “Do you like your job?” I can feel good about being able to answer a resounding, “Yes.”

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