Carol M. O’Neill

Office Manager

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A member of Neuger Communications Group since 2006, Carol is the office manager and the keeper of the company’s books. She also serves as the building manager – as well as being a great listener and “office mom” to us all.

A registered nurse, Carol initially worked on a hospital rehabilitation unit with patients suffering from brain and spinal cord injuries. She also worked in quality assurance at the same hospital, coordinating medical record and utilization review. More recently, she was employed by Northfield Public Schools, working with students in small group activities.

Carol received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from St. Olaf College in Northfield. Her four-year program provided opportunities for developing clinical and leadership skills in a variety of settings.

Carol lives in Northfield with her husband, Steve, a psychologist. Carol and Steve have three adult children and two grandchildren.

Favorite road trip destination: The mountains … any mountains …

My iTunes library includes: Lots of downloaded books. I like to listen as I walk.

My post-college jobs: This is my fifth post-college job – and I’m including staying home full time with the kids for a while as one of those!

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I think integrity is about trust. It is about establishing a sense of confidence that I will always be honorable in my dealings with others.


I enjoy watching track and field events. It is always obvious to me when athletes are putting forth their very best effort. To me excellence speaks to your “track” record. The importance of getting things right needs to be evident in my work ethic and, of course, in my work.


Success is achieved when the set goal has been reached and when those involved are happy with the results. But, I also think it means going a little further … that extra mile … to know I’ve done the very best I could possibly do.

Commentaries From Carol

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