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Elin Odegaard

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Elin joined the Neuger Communications Group team in 2004. Her exceptional design skills have shaped countless beautiful print pieces, websites and e-communications projects for a wide variety of clients. Elin also lends her experience and insight to communications audits, branding strategies and other endeavors. She is the undisputed typography expert of the office, and after her month-long Rotary-sponsored tour of Sweden in 2014 she can undoubtedly converse about “fönts” in at least two languages.

Elin’s approach to any design challenge is first to understand the client’s core characteristics and the ultimate communications goal. This provides a strategic framework around which to create visual personality and consistency across projects, ultimately strengthening the client’s brand. She handles design projects from concept to completion, helping clients deliver their messages creatively and effectively.

Her previous professional experience includes freelance design and an internship with a Minneapolis design firm. She graduated from Philadelphia University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design communication. Elin grew up on a family farm in southern Minnesota, but she says she loved living in Philadelphia during the five years she spent on the East Coast.

Now living in Northfield, Minnesota, Elin volunteers with the high school students at her church and keeps busy with a variety of other interests that include cooking, watching live music, reading, movies and theater. In 2013, she and colleague Wendy Placko co-starred in the Northfield Arts Guild’s summer outdoor production of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” (and yes, they did get rained on). Since then, Elin and Wendy have gone on to do numerous shows together.

Elin is a member of AIGA, the professional association for design.

Favorite Defeat of Jesse James Days food: Fresh fried chips – but ONLY from the Purple Wagon. Seriously, why haven’t you tried them yet?

Favorite office tradition: May Day Party – my first year here, things were so crazy in December that we never got around to having a holiday party … so we picked a different holiday and have been celebrating it ever since.

I sit next to: My partner in crime and Caribou buddy, Betsey!

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My sister-in-law has a quote on her Facebook page (which it seems she may have adapted from a Harry Potter book): “We all must make the choice between what is right and what is easy.” Though the easy way may be tempting, the right way is always more satisfactory – and successful.


Whether you prefer the phrase “God is in the details” or “the devil is in the details,” the point remains: small things matter. Rules that aren’t aligned properly or poor line breaks make a page look sloppy. Typos and inconsistencies can distract your audience from your message. Attention to detail is what makes our work a cut above the rest.


When I was in college, imagining my life as a graphic designer, I pictured success as winning awards and having my work published in magazines. While approval from our peers is great – and we have achieved industry recognition for our work – I’ve learned that, more importantly, success means creating work that our clients love.

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