Elyse C. Bowers

Administrative Assistant

Elyse Bowers

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Elyse is a native of the Illinois Valley, so she fits right in with the Midwest values we know and love. Most recently she was the administrative heartbeat of the Minneapolis mortgage lending operation for Nationwide commercial and residential mortgage appraisals. Prior to that she was honing her client relationship skills as customer representative at a Sprint retail office in Peru, Illinois. We’re excited to reap the benefits of her organizational skills as she makes quick work of our administrative headaches as she looks for new ways to support the team and our clients.

Elyse says if she learned a foreign language it would be German (there’s that organizational penchant), but for now, we’re glad she’s fluent in Microsoft Office, G Suite and social media channels. She’ll be working on client events, social media and the Common Good Breakfast Series here at Neuger Communications Group. Elyse is a graduate of Illinois Valley Community College.

In her spare time: Elyse spends as much time outdoors as she can – even in Minnesota’s nine-month winters – and she loves ice fishing. Other outdoor activities she loves include hiking, paddle boarding, biking and running out to get healthy food. When she’s not outdoors, she might be caught facetiming with her favorite four-year-old in the world, her niece, Willow.

Favorite food/grocery: Elyse loves fish tacos and if she were ever stranded on a desert island, she hopes there would be a Trader Joe’s on the other side.

See What Our Values Mean to Elyse+


Integrity to me means being an overall good person. It means treating others with fairness and respect while still honoring the morals I was raised with. It means standing my ground and giving an honest opinion without being offensive.


Excellence to me means providing my best work. Putting forth every effort I can to satisfy the task at hand. It also means being persistent to keep thriving to achieve more for myself and my counterparts.


Success to me means implementing thoughts into actions. Achieving smaller goals in order to reach bigger ones, and when the goals are reached, it’s looking back and knowing I did the very best I could.